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2017 Offerings



Machu Picchu & The Galapagos Islands-                              May 2017 – April 2018

The past comes alive as you travel from the Land of the Incas to the Galapagos archipelago. Spend the night at the base of Machu Pichu and explore the Spanish colonial cities of Lima, Quito and Cuzco. Explore the wildlife of the Galapagos as made famous by Charles Darwin and reflect on the enchanting days gone by. 
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Exploring South Africa, Victoria Falls, & Botswana             May 2017 – April 2018

From cosmopolitan Cape Town to the power of Victoria Falls to the remote wilds of Botswana, this is the complete African travel experience. Travel across the Table Mountain and explore the tip of the continent known as the Cape of Good Hope. Witness the wildlife as you cruise down the remote Chobe River and other game drives. Look to this if you want a true blend of culture and thrills

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Europe’s Christmas Markets                                              April 1st – December 15th

Stimulate the senses by visiting Europe’s enchanting Christmas Markets. Housed in the village squares or along a by-way each village creates a winter wonderland with gingerbread style huts and tantalizing music and shopping to go along with the festival spirit. Look for the locally produced ornaments, carvings and so much more. If you’re looking for more than just a shopping experience the delicious smells and feelings of the chestnut vendor’s fire or the spicy and sweet smells of the candied nuts. Experience each village’s different culinary options from hot gluhwein (spiced wine) to ciders and regional sausages.  Let our Magic Maker know if you want to experience a truly enchanting Christmas!                                            Sold Out



South Korea and Japan Highlights -                               January 30 – February 11

From the preserved, historic village of Yangdong, to the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, East Asia is an experience unlike anywhere else on earth.  See for yourself on this

13 day vacation.  With hotel accommodations, private guided sightseeing, transportation, and daily breakfast coordinated for you, we make it easy to explore South Korea and Japan! 
Contact us for Details                                                                         Tour MG-IAR



Flagstaff, AZ and Grand Canyon Rail Getaway                             February 10 – 16

Experience all the beauty of the Southwest on your journey.  Visit this charming, old Route 66 town with the craggy peaks of the San Francisco Mountains. Then ride the iconic Grand Canyon Railway.  Enjoy the scenery as the train winds its way through the beautiful ponderosa forests on its way to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim!                        Contact us for Details                                                                          Tour YHF3GR3



Irish Classic –                                                                                         March 10 - 23

Sip a creamy Irish Coffee as you enjoy a music session at the Marine Bare in Dungarvan and discover the colorful histories of Bellfast, Derry, Westport and Waterford.  Take in a festive medieval castle banquet and enjoy a traditional pub dinner…all wrapped up in Irelands beauty, hospitality and charm!       Tour CIECLA18



Disney – By Land and By Sea –                                                             April 4 - 10

Spend 3 nights on board the Disney Dream, as we sail like a pirate through the islands of the Bahamas.  Then we travel to the excitement of Disneyworld to explore the magic of 4 Theme Parks.  Ride a Banchi in Pandora by day, and enjoy the lights and sounds of Main Street by night with park hopper passes!  Do you wish to add a dining package or water parks?  Let our Magic Maker know!               Tour DD5581



America’s Cowboy Country                                                          May 26 – June 2

Saddle up for a classic adventure in the American West.  Soak in the stunning views of the American West when touring many of the famous parks of the region on this great American guided travel adventure!  Includes Jackson Hole, Yellowstone and the national parks of South Dakota!  Call for details!                                    Tour COL136



In The Shade of Kilimanjaro                                                                     May 12 – 20

The splendor of Africa is more than animals, it’s the land, the people and the scenery…but of course there is the wild life!  Starting in Nairobi, we will explore the national parks of southern Kenya.  Flocks of flamingos, and animals of all stripes…and spots!  Bring your camera for dramatic photographs!    Tour AH1816



Jamaican Getaway and Bobsled Adventure                                         June 20 - 27

Escape to the lush tropics of Ocho Rios, and bask in the friendly hospitality of the Jamaican People!  Snorkel, Scuba, golf and shopping…or just float in the beachfront pool.  Adventure day, take a skyglider to the top of Mystic Mountain, where you can fly through the forest on the bobsled experience and zipline adventure!                                            Choose adults only or family friendly!                                               Tour – JMB-CTI5



Active Discovery on the Danube!                                                             July 8 - 16

Bike, Hike, Canoe, Cook, Learn! Engage your way through Europe!

We introduce you to the people and places of Europe in the most active, Engaged and fun ways imaginable.  Learn some of the local language, then go try it in a café or pub! Explore an ice cave, take an archery lesson or descend into an underground salt mine! Each port gives you a world of possibilities as you interact with the locals and choose the dynamic, interactive activities that appeal to you the most!
 It’s the Old World in a whole new way!                                                     Tour AVWBL



12 day Yukon and Triple Denali                                                       Aug 30-Sept 12

Explore more of Alaska and the Yukon Territory on this unique journey into the history of the Gold Rush, and the wilds of Alaska by plane, train, bus and ship! TOUR-Y4L


We will have a Discover Alaska web show to provide information and answers to all of your Alaska travel questions!   Contact our Alaska specialist for more information!



Burgundy to Provence-A River Cruise for Wine Lovers!                Oct 22 – Nov 1

A sip of France in this river cruise designed for wine lovers!

Your palate will applaud as you learn what to look for in a good wine.  A distinguished Master of Wine will teach you the ropes at onboard tastings that may include wine and cheese, wine and chocolate, and at a special onboard food and wine pairing dinner.  Along the way, you can test your newly developed sommelier talents as you visit wine villages, wineries and famed wine cellars for tours and tastings in a very special venue!                                                                                     Tour – WLJ0



New Orleans Getaway                                                                        December 4 - 8

No city draws together fun, culture and ease better than New Orleans!  Enjoy live jazz music in Jackson Square.  Explore the city’s most popular sites and points of interest or head outside New Orleans to explore the local bayou with your included tour.  Combine with another city tour in Memphis with rail transportation!      TOUR YHNO3


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